If you have a complaint or question please contact the township supervisor. He will be glad to speak to you in person or by telephone 382-0223 ext. 22.


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NOTE: A complete copy of each ordinance is available for a fee. The information listed below is an explanation and is merely a description of specific ordinances, using common terms. Should you require further explanations, please contact the Ordinance Officer or any elected official at Cooper Charter Township.

Ord. #111 – Vehicle Storage & Repair

A vehicle is described as any gasoline, diesel, electric or other motorized car, station wagon, pickup truck, van, sport-utility, semi-tractor, motorcycle, scooter, moped, snowmobile, watercraft, golf cart, motor home, camping trailer, utility trailer, on or off-road conveyance or device used to transport any such conveyance, driver and/or passenger(s), homemade or assembled, that may operated on public or private roadway, trail or track.

  • Must have current plates displayed on the vehicle (plate must belong to that vehicle).
  • Must be operable for it’s intended purpose (engine runs, transmission moves the vehicle, no flat tires)
  • Must not be placed on jacks, blocks or similar device, for minor or major repairs.
  • Must be contained within a completely enclosed structure/garage for repairs or seasonal storage/use. (A vehicle covered by a tarp in the yard, is not an enclosed building)
  • Cannot be parked in the front yard, even if it is “for sale”.
  • Cannot be “for sale” for more than 14 calendar days, per year, per property – only one vehicle at a time.
  • Must have all major components, parts and accessories attached and is operated for it’s intended purpose.
  • No partial vehicle, parts, accessories, etc. may be placed outside of an enclosed building (see Ord. #109)

Ord. #109 – Litter

Litter is described as garbage, scrap, waste material, rags, cartons, cans, glass, boxes, plastic, paper, used lumber, wooden skids or pallets, or their parts, appliances, equipment, cut or broken tree branches, yard waste, broken plaster, concrete, bricks or blocks, broken or abandoned lawn or household furniture or components, nails, screws, shingles, tires, or any other vehicle part or accessory, or any other substance or material that may result in undesirable and blighted neighborhoods, or may threaten public safety, health or welfare.

  • It is a violation for any person to dump, deposit, place, throw, leave or abandon any litter or any other materials on public or private property or waters within Cooper Charter Township.
  • Logs, branches or other scrap wood used for heating purposes, may remain, so long as the neatly stacked pile is outdoors, does not exceed 2,000 square feet (10′ x 20′), is not scattered, cause pollution and does not become offensive by reason of odors, insects, rodents, other nuisance wildlife.
  • Building materials may be stored outside of a building, provided that it is used for a legally operated business, a valid building permit has been obtained and the supplies that are stored would be used for the building of the issued permit.
  • Building supplies must be screened from view of all adjacent properties, public or private right-of-ways and be in compliance with Fire Codes.

Ord. #159 – Noxious Weed Control

NOTE: This ordinance does not apply to agricultural uses, in areas zoned for farming or Growth of crops – except for those issues that relate to public safety or health.

  • No property owner/resident/occupant may allow the growth of any undesirable vegetation, weed, lawn grasses, etc., that may emit unpleasant odors, conceals rubbish, harbor rodents, insects, cause a blighted condition, restricts vision at road intersections or driveways, or is otherwise considered a common nuisance and contrary to the landscaping themes and styles of the neighborhood, or constitutes a public health, safety or welfare issue.

Ord. #216 – Cemetery Ordinance

Ordinance #237 Full Text

Ord. #112 – Anti-Noise & Public Nuisance

  • No person, firm, corporation or other entity shall cause, create or allow any unreasonable or unnecessarily loud noise or disturbance, injurious to health, peace or quiet of the residents and property owners or occupants.

Ord. #138 – Burning

NOTE: A permit must first be obtained by contacting the Cooper Office. Any fire must be extinguished, if it becomes offensive to a surrounding property or is determined to be a health or safety hazard. Please remember to be considerate of your neighbors. Some may have health and/or breathing issues, especially during seasonal burning.

  • Open Burning:
    • Must be in constant attendance, until completely extinguished.
    • Must have 1 acre or greater to conduct an open burn.
    • Must be done during daylight hours (Dawn to Dusk).
    • Must have a water source, shovel, hose, or extinguisher available.
    • Must not be located within 50 feet of any combustible materials.
    • Must not contain paper, building materials or lumber products.
    • Must not be done in the road right-of-way or easement.
  • Waste Burners:
    • Must be constructed of non-combustible masonry or metal.
    • Must not be larger than 55 U.S. gallons or 7.3 cubic feet and contain no openings larger than 1/2″.
    • Must have a cover, constructed of metal, with openings no larger than 1/2″.
    • Must not be located within 15 feet of walls, roofs, fences or other combustible materials or property lines.
    • Must have a water source, shovel, hose, or extinguisher available.

Building Codes/Zoning:

  • Before you build, construct, or place a shed / yard barn, accessory building or other structure, be sure that your property is zoned to accommodate the building.
  • You must obtain a permit, prior to construction of any permanently placed building. CONTACT Kalamazoo Area Building Authority (K.A.B.A.) for building permit services. Their information is as follows:
    Location K.A.B.A.7275 West Main St. Kalamazoo MI 49009
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 292, Oshtemo, MI 49077
    Phone (269) 216-9643A building that is determined to be unsafe may be required to be removed, for public safety reasons.
    A demolition permit is required and can be obtained thru K.A.B.A.
  • Contact the Building Department for restrictions that limit the number and size of accessory buildings / yard barns.