08/14/2021 – The last day to enroll in MiPEHS was August 14, 2021.  The Multi-site Health Study (MSS), the new nationwide PFAS health study, is now open for enrollment!  All residents should call 877-256-8073 to see if they are eligible to participate in MSS.

06/11/2021 The data collected in MiPEHS may help foster a healthier Michigan for future generations!  Call today to learn how you can join this important study: 1-855-322-3037.  Learn more: Michigan.gov/DEHBio.

06/11/2021 Researchers at Michigan State University are now enrolling participants in a new research study that will help understand whether access to clean drinking water in Parchment and Cooper Township is enough to reduce PFAS exposure to “normal”.  Participants will receive up to $50 and free PFAS testing without leaving their homes.  Visit the PFAS UNITEDD website to learn more and sign up!!

MiPEHS webpage for Parchment/Cooper Townships

12/15/2020 – Have you heard?  Check out the Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study (MiPEHS) and the Multi-Site Study (MSS)! These health studies are led by @Michiganhhs and will examine health effects related to PFAS exposure. You and your children may be eligible to participate!

12/11/2020 – Don’t miss out! @Michiganhhs is launching the Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study (MiPEHS) and the Multi-Site Study (MSS) to examine the health effects related to PFAS exposure.   Call 844-464-7327 now to see if you or your family are eligible to participate in the study.

Michigan Multi Site Study Flyer

Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study Fact Sheet from MDHHS


9/23/2020 EPA Flyer, re: work beginning on Crown Vantage Side Channel

9/15/2020 Letter from Department of Health and Human Services

08/13/2020 –

Enrollment is open for a new study in Parchment and Cooper Township. Join today to help your community learn more about PFAS exposure from drinking water and diet, including home grown foods. Participants will receive up to $50 and free PFAS testing without leaving home. Individual results are confidential. Visit the PFAS UNITEDD website to learn more and sign up!

01/30/2020 News Release

12/19/2019 News Release

12/5/2019 News Release

11/20/2019  – The Michigan AG has entered into contingency fee agreements (no attorney fees unless they recover money) with 3 firms to represent PFAS victims in a class action suit.  Fields PLLC (Washington, DC); Keating, Muething and Klelamp PLL (Cinicinnati, OH); and DeCello, Levitt, Gutzler (Chicago, IL).

11/20/2019 Map of Cooper Twp Watermain scheduled for 2020/2021

11/18/2019 – residents should expect staking here and there on the roads and right of ways during the planning phase for next years project!

10/31/2019 News Release

10/10/2019 News Release

09/19/2019 News Release

8/29/2019 News Release

8/8/2019 News Release

8/1/2019 News Release

07/25/2019 News Release

07/17/2019 News Release

Hydrogeologic Investigation Report via Tetra Tech

06/27/2019 News Release

06/13/2019 News Release

06/06/2019 News Release

05/30/2019 News Release

05/23/2019 News Release

05/16/2019 News Release

5/14/2019 Letter out for 2019 Water Hook Up Recipients

5/9/2019 News Release

5/2/2019 News Release

4/23/2019 News Release

4/18/2019 News Release

4/11/2019 News Release

2020 DWRF Project Plan as Presented at St Mary’s Church April 9, 2019

Letter of Support for MDHHS Application for PFAS Health Study

PFAS and DWRF Projects Timelines and Compiled Diagrams

4/4/2019 News Release

03/28/2019 News Release

03/22/2019 News Release

Below you will find helpful links to Michigan’s PFAS response website which features information on what PFAS is, health related information, effects on fish and wildlife and much more.

3/14/2019 News Release

Drinking Water Project Plan (DRAFT 3/8/2019) – City of Kalamazoo

3/12/2019 – Placed in the Kalamazoo Gazette on by City of Kalamazoo:

Public Notice, Water System Improvements!  There will be a public hearing and information meeting regarding water system improvements in response to discovered PFAS contamination in Cooper Township and lead within the existing municipal water system.  The meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 from 6-8pm at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church located at 939 Charlotte Ave, Kalamazoo MI  49048

The project cost is estimated at $10,450,000 for Cooper Township, $840,000 for the Glendale area, and $9,528,000 for lead service line replacements in the City of Kalamazoo.  These projects may cause increases in water utility rates which will vary depending on funding available through the State of Michigan.

03-07-2019 News Release

“Why are my PFAS test results different from my neighbors?” Video

02-28-2019 News Release

02-21-2019 News Release

02-14-2019 News Release/

02-07-2019 News Release/

01-29-2019 Parchment Monitoring Well Sample Laboratory Result Summary Table

01-29-2019 Figure 2 Parchment Monitoring Well Sample Laboratory Result Summary

01-29-2019 Figure 1 Parchment Monitoring Well Sample Laboratory Result Summary

01-17-2019 News Release

Tetra Tech Hydrogeologic Investigation Work Plan Addendum

01-10-2019 News Release

12-20-2018 News Release

12-13-2018 News Release

12-6-2018 News Release

11-29-2018 News Release

State of Michigan approval of Hydro-geologic Investigation Work Plan

Hydro-geologic Investigation Work Plan

11-15-2018 News Release

Proposed Monitoring Well Locations

11-8-2018 News Release

11-1-2018 News Release

10-25-2018 News Release

10-18-2018 News Release

10-11-2018 News Release

10-4-2018 News Release

09-27-2018 News Release

09-20-2018 News Release

09-13-2018 News Release

09-11-2018 MDEQ presentation at Cooper Township Board Meeting 9/10/2018

09-07-2018 News Release

09-06-2018 News Release

09-05-2018 Call Center Daily Message

09-05-2018 News Release

09-05-2018 List of Addresses Eligible for Gordon’s Bottled Water – edited 9/6/2018

09-04-2018 News Release

09-04-2018 Call Center Daily Message

08-31-2018 News Release

08-30-2018 News Release

08-29-2018 Parchment Investigation Area Map

08-29-2018 News Release

08-28-2018 News Release

Parchment Lead Copper PE

Parchment Water Supply Do Not Drink Order Lift

Aerator Information

EPA Lead Free Documents

8.27.2018 P.M. News Release

08-27-2018 A.M. News Release

08-26-2018 News Release

08-25-2018 News Release

08-24-2018 News Release

08-23-2018 Federal Spending Oversight & Emergency Mgmt Subcommittee to hold hearing on Federal Role in PFAS Chemical Crisis

8-23-2018 News Release

8-22-2018 News Release

8-21-2018 News Release

8-20-2018 News Release

8-19-2018 News Release

8-18-2018 News Release

8-17-2018 News Release

8-16-2018 News Release

8-16-2018 News Release

8-15-2018 News Release

8-14-2018 News Release

8-13-2018 News Release

8-12-2018 News Release

8-11-2018 News Release

8-10-2018 News Release

8-9-2018 News Release

8-8-2018 News Release

Parchments Residential Well Sampling Map as of 8-4-2018

8-7-2018 News Release

8-6-2018 News Release

8-5-2018 News Release

Flushing Instructions

Photos of the permanent waters stations being built!

8-3-2018 News Release

8-2-2018 News Release

Bottled Water Distribution Coordinator 269-492-3262

DEQ Well Water Testing 1-800-662-9278

Health Department Water Crisis Hotline 269-373-5346

8-1-2018 News Release

July 31 Town Hall Meeting Video

July 31 Town Hall Meeting presentation slides

List of Streets that can get Bottled Water – updated 8/1/2018 @ 2:45pm

July 31 Town Hall Meeting handouts

Road Commission Public Service Announcement – “G” Ave Road Closure starting 7-31-2018 to Extend Water Main

7-30-2018 News Release

7-29-2018 News Release w/ Town Hall Meeting Info

7-28-2018 New Release

Health Department Letter & PFAS Info from Fleis & VandenBrink